Roof Repair Jobs and How Much Money You Can Earn

There are pretty much plenty of jobs a person can do that promise extra bucks and one of them is a roof repair job. This job can be tough, and if you are not in for some risk, then this thing is not for you. However, if you love to do this task and if you are capable enough to do so, then perhaps it’s the job you may want to consider. The big question: how much money can you earn with this work?

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, a roofer can averagely earn at least $18.54 per hour, and that will sum up to $38,570 (or more) per year. In order to attain this though, you need to basically assess yourself first if you can handle the task. Potential roofers usually go through a formal apprenticeship program which usually takes three years. This training includes classroom discussions and on the job working experience (with pay). Roofers should also be at least 18 years old and above and should possess a high school diploma and good and sound physicality.

This job is a bit challenging and hazardous. That explains the generous amount of salary the consumers promise. But as mentioned, you should be certain enough that it’s the job you are willing to take because of its danger. But then again, this kind of job can be readily available as roofs decline more quickly compared to other parts of the building and they are needed to be replaced more often. Therefore, the job demand will always be there.

Things to Look in Inspecting Roof Damages

Roofs are the very important parts of a building or structure. They are basically the first line of defense when we’re talking about natural hazards like rain, fire, snow, wind, and heat. Of course, roofs do not exist forever and they will be damaged from time to time. That’s why the need to regularly replace it is really a must. However, you can still mend the damage if you can, and not necessarily replace them. But if you’re going to do that, there are disadvantages and one of them is the cost. Roof repairs can be a bit expensive, so therefore the wide option that you should likely consider is to replace them. But first, you need to learn how to look for any damage of your roof.

Roof problems can be apparent when you’re inside the building and there are indications of water stains on a ceiling. Water stains can be a sign of roof leaks and no matter how small those leaks are, they can be a sign of a bigger problem as well.

Odors and molds can also be a sign of roof troubles because these may signal roof leaks that result entrance of water inside the ceiling. If you discover these things, you need to assess it yourself or hire a roofer or a contractor in order to maintain safeties. Things that you also need to look for when inspecting any roof damage are roof flashing, bubbles, and standing water.